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Centura de asteroizi - lucru neobisnuit in Sistemul Solar?

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Mircea Pteancu

Data inscrierii: 12 Feb 2008
Mesaje: 7396


Localitate: Arad

MesajTrimis: 02 Dec 2018 17:44 Download mesaj
Titlul subiectului:
Raspunde cu citat (quote)

Neil English comentand despre ''Astronomy With An Opera Glass'' G.P. Serviss :

''pp 73 ...Fortunately, human life is a mere span in comparison with the aeons of cosmic existence, and so we need have no fear that either we or our descendants for thousands of generations shall have to play the tragic role of Cambell’s ” Last Man,” an endeavor to keep up a stout heart amid the crash of time by meanly boasting to the perishing sun, whose rays have nurtured us, that, though his proud race has ended, we have confident anticipations of immortality. I trust that when man makes his exit from this terrestrial stage, it will not be in the contemptible act of kicking a fallen benefactor.''

Comentariul :

Like human beings, stars are at their most unstable when very young and very old. In middle age, they enjoy much greater stability. Our Sun, now in its stable mid-life, is the least variable star known to astronomical science. Greater variability would be very dangerous for the life that teems on this planet. Is it a coincidence that humankind arose on the scene during this period of maximum solar stability? I think not. This is the best possible time to launch a global civilisation, where billions of human beings can enjoy the benefits of great scientific advances that make our lives comfortable. It was planned that way and can only last for a definite amount of time before things go downhill for one and all.
The Biblical authors affirm that the Earth is not our ultimate home:

For here we do not have a lasting city, but we are seeking the city that is to come.

Hebrews 13:14

Dotare :reflectoare ,lunete,cateva binocluri si un catadioptric

Data inscrierii: 07 Iun 2015
Mesaje: 1650

Motto: Cogito ergo sum

MesajTrimis: 02 Dec 2018 21:30 Download mesaj
Titlul subiectului:
Raspunde cu citat (quote)

Am gasit si stirea, care confirma ca asteroidul 2008TC3 din Sudan care continea diamante ce nu
se puteau forma decat la presiuni ridicate in interiorul unei planete, face parte dintr-o
planeta disparuta din Sistemul Solar ca urmare a unei coliziuni ...

The truth is out there
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